Eicher Truck Price in Bangladesh

Eicher is a renowned auto maker, we can say like this Eicher Motors is a commercial vehicle manufacturer based on India. Eicher Motors Limited mainly a manufacturer of motorcycles and commercial vehicles, which is an Indian origin brand. Eicher is the parent company of Royal Enfield, which is a heritage type motorcycle manufacturer.

Not only in motorcycle segment, but also Eicher has a joint venture with Sweden’s AB Volvo - Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV). Earlier 1959 the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd was established, jointly with the Eicher tractor company which is a German tractor manufacturer. In the year 2005, Eicher Motors Ltd sold their entire tractors business to TAFE Tractors. After that they started to manufacture commercial vehicle.

Eicher commercial vehicle especially Eicher Trucks are very popular currently here in Bangladesh. Eicher made some of tremendous truck models which is suited very much in Bangladesh reason. Such as Eicher Pro 1049, Eicher Pro 1080, even Eicher tipper trucks also very popular here in Bangladesh.

Runner Automobiles Limited is the sole distributor and local business partner of Eicher in Bangladesh. Runner Automobiles is a prominent and trusted company in Bangladesh, they take care Eicher products very well. They made so many sales and service points all over Bangladesh.

Compare to the other similar brand, Eicher truck price in Bangladesh is reasonable, and perfect quality as well. As a result Eicher rapidly growing in Bangladesh.

Eicher Truck Price List for Bangladesh;

Eicher Terra 25 H (L:22 Ft)34,20,000/-
Eicher Pro 5025 H(L:22.5 Ft)BDT.34,40,000.00
Eicher Pro 5025 RMC (L:15 Ft)BDT.36,75,000.00
Eicher Terra 25 RMC (L:22 Ft)BDT.35,95,000.00
Eicher Pro 6031 H (L:24 Ft)BDT.47,00,000.00
Eicher Pro 5025 T (L:15 Ft)BDT.48,85,000.00
Eicher Terra 16 TBDT.33,60,000.00
Eicher Pro 6025 T (L:15 Ft)BDT.56,20,000.00
Eicher VE 4040 (L:19 Ft)BDT.33,20,000.00
Eicher Pro 5040 BDT.34,20,000.00
Eicher Pro 2016 (L:20 Ft)BDT.26,75,000.00
Eicher Pro 2016 (L:23 Ft)BDT.27,90,000.00
Eicher Pro 2016 (L:24 Ft)BDT.28,25,000.00
Eicher Pro 1055XPT (L:10 Ft)BDT.23,05,000.00
Eicher Pro 1080XPT (L:11 Ft)BDT.27,50,000.00
Eicher Pro 1112XPT (L:12.7 Ft)BDT.31,05,000.00
Eicher Pro 1049 (L:10 Ft)BDT.16,65,000.00
Eicher Pro 1050 (L:13 Ft)BDT.17,70,000.00
Eicher Pro 1055 (L:12 Ft)BDT.18,95,000.00
Eicher Pro 1075 (L:14 Ft)BDT.22,00,000.00
Eicher Pro 1075 (L:16 Ft)BDT.22,05,000.00
Eicher Pro 1075 (L:17.5 Ft)BDT.22,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 1080XP (L:12 Ft)BDT.22,58,000.00
Eicher Pro 1080HT(L:14 Ft)BDT.23,00,000.00
Eicher Pro 1095(L:16 Ft)BDT.23,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 1095(L:17.5 Ft)BDT.23,40,000.00
Eicher Pro 1095(L:18 Ft)BDT.23,90,000.00
Eicher Pro 1112 (L:17 Ft)BDT.24,00,000.00
Eicher Pro 1112 XP (L:19 Ft)BDT.24,10,000.00
Eicher Pro 1112 XP(L:20 Ft)BDT.24,20,000.00
Eicher Pro 1112 XP(L:22 Ft)BDT.25,00,000.00
Eicher Pro 1114 (L:17 Ft)BDT.26,10,000.00
Eicher Pro 1114 (L:19 Ft)BDT.26,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 1114 (L:20 Ft)BDT.26,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 3015 S.Cab (L:19 Ft)BDT.29,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 3015 S.Cab (L:20 Ft)BDT.29,30,000.00
Eicher Pro 3015 S.Cab (L:24 Ft)BDT.30,10,000.00
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