BMW Car Price in Bangladesh

Today’s BMW is a luxurious car brand name, which is well-known worldwide as well as Bangladesh. But there is a history of today’s BMW. German based this BMW started officially 7th March 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturer named Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG. After that, in 1922 the company was renamed to BMW, which full meaning is Bayerische Motoren Werke. As per the BMW history, their first product was a straight-six aircraft engine called the BMW IIIa. At the same time World War I has started and BMW close their business for a while. Following the end of World War BMW decided to come back business again and this time they have started to make motorcycle engine, farm equipment, household items and railway brakes. As per we know BMW launched its first motorcycle named BMW R31 in 1923. After that, gradually they become a luxurious car manufacturer.

In Bangladesh BMW renowned as an expensive car brand. Some of brand new BMW car models are here in Bangladesh market, but all are expensive in Bangladesh points of view. Each and every year few of BMW car model selling here in Bangladesh. Basically not only in Bangladesh but also in whole south Asian market this expensive BMW car less selling. The Main reason is expensive. Here in this area only few of the peoples are able to buy this kinds of expensive car. In Bangladesh market BMW car close competitor is Audi brand car, Mercedes-Benzes car.

BMW car is expensive it is true, and still it is accessible in Bangladesh, but the problem is high volume government tax. As a result the BMW car price going higher in the sky in Bangladesh market.

Here in this page we have mentioned below almost all the BMW car price in Bangladesh with quick specifications.

BMW Car Price List for Bangladesh;

BMW CarEngine Price Range in BD
BMW X11998 ccBDT.85-92 Lakh
BMW X21998 ccBDT.85-90 Lakh
BMW X31998 ccBDT.1.35 Crore
BMW X52993 ccBDT.1.98 Crore
BMW X72993 ccBDT.2.5 Crore
BMW 2 Series Sedan1998 ccBDT.75 Lakh
BMW 3 Series Sedan2993 ccBDT.1.36 Crore
BMW 5 Series Sedan2993 ccBDT.1.35 Crore
BMW 7 Series Sedan2993 ccBDT.2.56 Crore
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