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Driving Licence Process in Bangladesh

Under the state law of Bangladesh, driving a motor vehicle without driving license is a punishable offense. The offense becomes more serious if the driver is responsible for an accident. Also, if you do not have a driver's license, then you feel guilty, which can increase the chance of an accident. Therefore, all drivers should get proper licenses in order to respect state law and make themselves fit for driving a motor vehicle.

BRTA licenses are usually issued through three-level tests. Driver-based experience and licenses are very important for the safety of ordinary people on the go.

Before applying for the original license, you must first apply for a Learner or Apprentice Driving License in the prescribed form of the BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) along with the required documents.

Requirements to apply for a Learner Card -

- A copy of a national ID, birth certificate or passport.

- Newly stamped and passport size photographs (3 copies and 3 copies).

- Medical certificate by a registered doctor.

- Fees, such as BDT.345.00 only for motorcycles, and BDT.518.00 for motorcycle and light vehicles.

Learner or apprentice driving license is for training period only. You will need to apply for a basic license or smart card after passing the written, oral and field test exams at the end of the scheduled training.

Getting a Smart Card Driving License -

- Apply in the prescribed form by the BRTA office.

- A copy of national identity card, birth certificate or passport will be required.

- Medical certificate by a registered doctor.

- Professional license for – BDT.1680.00 (with 5 year renewal) and BDT.2542.00 for amateur licensor (with 3 year renewal fee).

- Recently taken passport size photo (5 copies).

- Police license report should be submitted if the license is professional.Medical certificate by a registered doctor.

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